Flour Quality Policy

The quality and safety policy of Antonio Cano and Hijos S.A., aims to achieve the satisfaction of the customers and the people who make up the organization while respecting the commitments in terms of food safety.

This policy is defined and driven by management, which assumes development and implementation commitments, updates it regularly, and upholds and ensures compliance with demonstrating continuous improvement of its processes.

At the heart of this policy to promote continuous improvement, which is the basis for defining objectives through the following criteria:

  • Carry out the "DOING BULK FLOUR AND PAPER BAGS" with a demanding level of quality that will satisfy our customers and differentiate ourselves from our competitors, with the constant interest to progress towards the continuous improvement of our process.
  • Continuously improve the RAPIDITY AND PUNCTUALITY of our service, obtaining the highest performance of the capacity, experience and training that our workers hold.
  • Achieve THE ELIMINATION OF ERRORS IN THE PRODUCTION PROCESS, developing an effective process of control of non-conformities -when they appear- that prevents their translation to the client.
  • Be in compliance with legal requirements, regulations and any other subscription with our clients.
  • Focus all production on a food safety prism, by increasing the technological measures and the advances that will appear on the market.
  • Maintain a fluid communication, both internal and external, that allows responding to the demands of information related to the food safety management system.
  • Up-to-date personal skills and optimal adaptation features through human resource management that enhances training, ethics and ongoing evaluation.
  • Assessment and selection of the best suppliers as members of the organization.
  • Preventive approach in the development of internal audits of all key, strategic and support processes.
  • Complete measurement of customer satisfaction.
  • The manager assumes an obligation himself of his responsibilities, the commitment to exercise leadership in the implementation and application of behavior consistent with the integrated quality, environment and food safety Antonio Cano e Hijos, SA, guide and show the example in the fulfillment of an obligation which concerns us all.

This quality policy, the environment and food safety must be known and applied by everyone in the company, and will be fully disclosed and effective, thanks to a documentation system that is made available to all people concerned and interested.