Among the ecological olive groves of our olive grove located in La Campana, in Seville and in the Sierra Subbética, we received this magnificent ecological EVOO, pioneering in Spain.
— Our ecological version —

Aceite de oliva ecológico



One of the keys to the excellence of this oil is its beautiful attractive green color with golden highlights.


This oil is a filtered oil whose appearance is clear and clean.


Fruity green olive with aromas of herbs, tomatoes and artichokes; with more ripe notes of fresh fruits like apple or green banana.

The mouth

The mouth has a sweet entry, reminiscent of olfactory notes, bitter and spicy progressive light. Good structure and persistence.


Ideal for raw consumption. Its intensity enhances the flavor of hams, sausages, sausages, cheeses and salads. Ideal for making sauces and emulsions and to accompany boiled vegetables, fish and pasta.


Oliva hojiblanca

Whitish color of the leaves. It is characterized by its flavor and aroma of freshly cut grass, artichoke and aromatic plants.

Oliva picual

It is the most abundant variety in Spain and in the world. Its oil is very appreciated for its high stability (resistance to oxidation).

Oliva pajarera

Also known as picuda or carrasqueña, it is characterized by its fruity green flavor with hints of green apple and olive leaf.

Oliva royal

It is an indigenous variety of the province of Jaén. Sweet oils, although very fruity, in which the notes of figs predominate.

Logistics sheet

Format Unit / Box Box / Pallet Standard Pallet / Cnt 20' 40' Euro Pallet / Cnt 20' 40' Kg / Pallet
Bordelesa 500ml 12 units 72 boxes / 90 boxes 10 pallets / 21 pallets 11 pallets / 25 pallets 432 kg / 540 kg
Dorica 750ML 6 units 96 boxes 10 pallets / 21 pallets 11 pallets / 25 pallets 432 kg
Lata 5L 2 units 96 boxes 10 pallets / 21 pallets 11 pallets / 25 pallets 960 kg